Traditional Painting Vs. Digital Painting

Nov 17, 2016 |

Most artists have not yet been properly acquainted with the art of digital painting. There is still a great deal of questions that are waiting for answers as regards to this new technology. The artists themselves have not been specific on the kind of answers they give to these questions. The difference between digital painting and traditional aboriginal art is not so much. Both are meant to give man a room for self-expression.
The tools used by a digital painter to do his or her job are not the same as those used by the traditional painters. Digital painter will make use of a tablet, stylus and a computer while a traditional painter uses a brush, canvas and paint.

Due to the fact that everything has been computerized for a digital painter, he or she has so many brushes to choose from. He or she can also do modifications so as to bring out the painting job the way it is supposed to be. One advantage that digital painting boasts of is allowing the artists to explore his or her skills through experiments. 

Let it not be assumed that digital painting will always provide for those who do not know the work of art. It is true that computers can do virtually anything but the presence of the artist is very crucial. This is to ensure that no detail is skipped or ignored. Let us look at the music synthesizers for example. They are able to combine different varieties of sounds and end up with a perfect tune, but without the control of human beings, one can always be assured of not so good sounds.

The stylus has an upper hand compared to the compared to the computer mouse. This is due to the fact that the stylus is very flexible and the artist can use it just like a pencil or a piece of chalk. The artist is, therefore, free to manipulate and come up with a variety of traditional artwork. However, the brick nature of the computer mouse is very constraining and restrictive.

Digital training is not just meant for everybody. Adequate training is a must. Artists are for the opinion that photos are easier to transform into a painting than live objects. The reason behind this is because live objects keep moving and this can possibly interfere with the accuracy of the paintings.

To turn photos into painting, the process will normally begin with identification of the object. What follows will be a very accurate photo of the object. The photo should be in such a way that the dimensions of the photo are of reasonable size. Let them not be too small. The medium chosen by the artist will be dependent on the nature of the photo to be taken. 

It is a good idea for one to properly study the photo before settling down to create a painting from photograph. When taking the photo, the shot ought to be composed. Place the camera at the right angle. The warm evening sun is the best for photos since it will give the pictures a softer look.


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